Gloucester and Bristol Taxparishes

Both Bristol and Gloucester were divided into taxparishes (districts) by the Inland Revenue for the purpose of the Lloyd George survey of land values.

Gloucester was divided into four geographical areas: North, East , South and West.

Bristol was divided into twelve taxparishes, also on a geographical basis.

David Hawkings has prepared a list of the taxparishes in the City of Bristol, the streets which come into each, and the piece numbers relevant to searching the Field Books in The National Archives, TNA IR 58. He has kindly made the material available to the B&GAS project. Each Field Book contains 100 hereditament numbers which identify each particular property and each has a unique reference or piece number in the TNA catalogue. This website includes these important hereditament numbers. See Information. Streets with a large number of hereditament numbers filled numerous Field Books. In many instances a road/street/avenue etc. is not covered in a continuous series of entries. Where this occurs an asterisk is added to the piece number.
View the approximate layout of the taxparishes.
View the street names, in alphabetical order, with the relevant taxparishes and the Field Book piece numbers in The National Archives: A to F,   G to Q,   R to Y

Guide to searching for hamlets in the Forest of Dean

The many hamlets in the Forest of Dean were within the two townships and tax parishes of East Dean and West Dean; they are listed showing the relevant tax parish.

To search for all entries in a particular hamlet, use 'Search by address', entering the hamlet in the first box and the township in the second.

List of hamlets in East & West Dean.

Guide to selecting a map from the Ordnance Survey index sheet

An important place featuring on each map, with its reference number, is listed as an aide to locating on the index sheet the map required, and an indication is added of the completeness  of each.

For Gloucester streets, large-scale Ordnance survey maps record the properties and, as well as the map reference, an indication of the relevant tax parish is added; the town was divided into four tax parishes: North, East, South and West. 

List of maps.